Freschi & Vangelisti

For over ten years we have been producing jewels for the most prestigious companies in the world of luxury and for the leading brands of Made in Italy. Our task is to shape an idea sketched on paper, to forge an emotion captured by the pencil of a visionary designer .

From the sketch we realize the prototype and we follow each single stage of the production.

The creations that end up in the windows of the main Italian brands

in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, are crafted in our factory

located in Castel San Niccolò, in the beautiful hills between Arezzo and Florence.

To achieve this goal we have persistently invested in the most innovative technology.
More importantly we have devoted our efforts in what we consider our greatest asset: the Freshi & Vangelisti team, the men and women that since 1998, infuse their craftsmanship, their abilities, and knowledge in their everyday work. Above all, their inexhaustible enthusiasm that enables our company to continuously reach higher levels of excellence and to improve the quality of our products.

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